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  • Brew in Mug 16oz

    Brew in Mug 16oz

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    The Lucent Glass Brew in Mug -16oz with stainless steel infuser and durable silicone translucent lid.  The  spacious infuser with  extra-fine holes, allows tea and herbs to expand fully. The glass brew mug is made from lead-free resistant borosilicate glass and easy to clean. The lid serves as a holding dish for the infuser.  This 16oz mug is perfect for brewing large-leaf tea and herbal blends.

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  • Tall Mug

    Tall Mug

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    Tall Porcelain mug 15 oz with mesh infuser and cover.
    The extra fine infuser enables you to brew from fine tea like Rooibos to large whole leaf tea like oolong and herbals.
    The cover works as an infuser holder.
    No hassle and no mess.

    Available colors, Red, Black, Carrot, Marine and Turquoise

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