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Green Tea

Green Tea

Green teas are sourced from non-fermented leaves, producing a lighter tea with less caffeine than black tea. Very popular in eastern cultures, green tea is becoming more prominent in America for its high antioxidant properties.

  • Dragonwell Lung Ching - 4 oz

    Dragonwell Lung Ching - 4 oz

    N0BG9ZDJ91 |
    China green tea (Lung Ching). Subtle, mello, slightlysweet chestnut flavor.  A soft-edged, yellowish infusion with slightly sweet aftertast.  High in vitamin C. Drink alone as a frefreshing all-day tea, or as a digestif after a heavy meal.
    $11.40 -
  • Green Raspberry Delight - 4 oz

    Green Raspberry Delight - 4 oz

    G2P3KQ1DSY |

    Green Raspberry Delight is a blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, Safflowers, Natural Acai berry and raspberry flavor.  A flavorfully green tea perfect for an afternoon or afternoon dinner tea.  Brew time is recommended for 3 minutes.


    $11.00 -
  • Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Sencha, flat, dark green leaves yielding a light fragrant, aromatic cup. Clear sparkling liqor with the typical dedicate Japanese flavor.  Rich in vitamin C. Drink with meals or as a digestif.
    $11.00 -
  • Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    CVWM6B5DP8 |
    China green, sweet full-bodied, and soft-edge with lovely jasmine flavor.
    $11.00 -
  • Lemon Green - 4 oz

    Lemon Green - 4 oz

    TVFP4EF3A8 |
    China Sencha green tea with lemon peel, Marigold petals and lemon flavor.
    $11.00 -

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