Tasting Notes
There are many times of teas in each of the major tea categories and the taste, flavor and aroma will be different, depending upon the origin, altitude, process, quality, and season.

White Tea – light and mellow, with flavor sometimes grassy, delicate flowers.
Green Tea – light and subtle, grassy, vegetal, seaweed, lemony taste – if water is too hot, tea will be astringent and bitter.
Dragonwell is mild, sweet with chestnut notes, and Genmaicha has a roasty and veggie, taste.
Oolong Tea – full-bodied with a fragrant flavor and fruity, sweet aroma.
Black Tea – bold and rich – variety in flavor and whether it is a single-estate tea, and season harvested.
Assam – bold, brisk, malty.
Ceylon – bold, strong, rich notes of spice and something chocolate.
Keemun – fruity, wine-like, tobacco-like, floral, fruity.
Darjeeling – first flush (spring) lighter, slightly green flavor, second flush (fall) sweet, fruity -peach, muscat grape, apricot notes.

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