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  • Balancing Act I 4 oz

    Balancing Act I 4 oz

    Ayurvedic herbal blend of chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger root, fennel seeds, rosebuds, spearmint, rose hips, lemon grass, tulsi (holy basil) natural orange flavor.

    Ayurvedic herbal blends are made with a combination of various herbs and spices that have the best effect of the five different elements on the Human body.
    $13.00 -
  • Bengal Chai - 4 oz

    Bengal Chai - 4 oz

    DMM6GL4OH5 |
    Black tea blend with a Black pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon chips, cardamon with clove, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla flavoring.  Best served with milk and sugar.  Also can be made with steamed milk instead of water.

    A Pause & Sip 10:03 selection
    $11.00 -
  • Chamomile - 4 oz

    Chamomile - 4 oz

    YXPI2F3Q0D |
    Chamomile makes for a calming herbal tea. Soothes upset stomachs, is known to aid in sleeping and relax muscle spasms. A pleasant night-time tea.
    $11.00 -
  • Cold Comfort - 4 oz

    Cold Comfort - 4 oz

    961DU6BFDJ |
    Herbal Blend of Ginger root, Rosehips, Tulsi (holy Basil), Orange and Lemon peels, Lemon myrtle, Lemon grass, Ginger, Citrus flavors.  Perfect for the cold season.  Brew 3 min.
    $12.00 -
  • Darjeeling - 4 oz

    Darjeeling - 4 oz

    Single estate, FTGFOP 2nd flush. Darjeeling tea is often called the "Champagne of Tea: Unique characteristics and delicate aroma. 2nd flush Darjeelings are picked during May and June. 
    They have a rounder, fruitier, more mature, less astringent flavor than the earlier teas.
    An all-day tea, drink without milk.
    $11.40 -
  • Dragonwell Lung Ching - 4 oz

    Dragonwell Lung Ching - 4 oz

    N0BG9ZDJ91 |
    China green tea (Lung Ching). Subtle, mello, slightlysweet chestnut flavor.  A soft-edged, yellowish infusion with slightly sweet aftertast.  High in vitamin C. Drink alone as a frefreshing all-day tea, or as a digestif after a heavy meal.
    $11.40 -
  • Earl Grey - 4 oz

    Earl Grey - 4 oz

    AH44CIYERS |
    Black tea witha light touch of Bergamot.  It's a wonderfully aromatic, sweet cup, good at any time.
    $10.00 -
  • English Breakfast - 4 oz

    English Breakfast - 4 oz

    English Breakfast.   Blends of black teas; Assam and Ceylon.  A nice breakfast tea good with milk or cream, also foods with strong flavors. This is an organic tea.
    $11.00 -
  • English Breakfast, Decaf - 4 oz

    English Breakfast, Decaf - 4 oz

    9KPUE2IM12 |
     Classic English Breakfast decaffeinated tea.
    $11.40 -
  • Ginger Black - 4 oz

    Ginger Black - 4 oz

    630MFFQURE |
    Black tea with ginger pieces and  ginger flavor.
    $10.00 -
  • Good Night 4oz

    Good Night 4oz

    S9BV780DE0 |
    Good Night is an herbal blend of Chamomile and Peppermint. Perfect to relieve stress, wind down and feel calm all over. The ideal "good night" drink. Brew 3-5 minutes.
    A Pause & Sip 8:08PM selection.
    $12.00 -
  • Green Raspberry Delight - 4 oz

    Green Raspberry Delight - 4 oz

    G2P3KQ1DSY |

    Green Raspberry Delight is a blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, Safflowers, Natural Acai berry and raspberry flavor.  A flavorfully green tea perfect for an afternoon or afternoon dinner tea.  Brew time is recommended for 3 minutes.


    $11.00 -

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