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My Time for Tea

My time for tea is not necessarily the traditional setting that comes to mind when thinking about tea time. My tea time isn’t always set with pretty dishes or silverware. It often consists of a huge mug and a plastic spoon that I keep near me throughout the day.

So, what makes it special?

The time it grants me. Because it’s my time. A singular event that involves no one else but me allowing me to focus on me for that period of time. A friend asked me how do I motivate myself in the morning to head out to a very demanding and sometimes unpleasant job.

I’ve discovered, as most of the working world has, that getting motivated to get out of bed for a challenging job is hard. I lay in bed with the day’s agenda running through my head, wanting to pull the blankets over my head to postpone getting started. Just a few more minutes on snooze.

So, what helps me get up and started?

The reward of a hot fresh cup of tea I bring to my desk each day. After the long commute, I put down my bags and start up the computer. Before delving into the day’s work and emails, I spend a minute determining the flavor of tea I want and then I make my first and favorite cup of the day. The cup that gets my engine started! I swear thinking about that first tea helps flip the switch to get me going. Much of our world is based on rewards and compensation, and my daily tea is just that: a reward for me for being ready to give myself to the day and the job.

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