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  • Heavenly Hibiscus - 4 oz

    Heavenly Hibiscus - 4 oz

    S5EZRJH77J |
    Heavenly Hibiscus, blend of hibiscus, rose-hips, lemongrass, and orange peel. Also nice over ice!
    $11.00 -
  • Holiday Blend 4oz

    Holiday Blend 4oz

    PAKBAH37BT |

    Black Tea with rose petals, orange peel, Apple pieces, almond pieces, cinnamon chips, with cinnamon, orange spice, orange flavor. Brew 3 min. Available October - February.

    $12.00 -
  • HoneyB 4 oz

    HoneyB 4 oz

    LDG686FM54 |
    HoneyB is Rooibos with honeybee pollen, vanilla, caramel, honey flavoring. Rooibos is sometimes called Red Bush or African Tea.  Grown in South African, high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Delicious hot or iced.  Brew 5-7 minutes. Perfect for the cold winter season.
    $11.00 -
  • Irish Breakfast - 4 oz

    Irish Breakfast - 4 oz

    E2KMT1NEKE |
    Irish breakfast is classic blend of rich malty Assam and China blacks. Full-bodied, toasty cup; a little sronger than English Breakfast.  Good on its own, or with milk and/or sugar. Great breakfast tea.
    $11.00 -
  • Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Sencha, flat, dark green leaves yielding a light fragrant, aromatic cup. Clear sparkling liqor with the typical dedicate Japanese flavor.  Rich in vitamin C. Drink with meals or as a digestif.
    $11.00 -
  • Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    CVWM6B5DP8 |
    China green, sweet full-bodied, and soft-edge with lovely jasmine flavor.
    $11.00 -
  • Lemon Green - 4 oz

    Lemon Green - 4 oz

    TVFP4EF3A8 |
    China Sencha green tea with lemon peel, Marigold petals and lemon flavor.
    $11.00 -
  • Mango - 4 oz

    Mango - 4 oz

    7BHU9LBKG1 |
    Black Tea with mango pieces and flavor.  Great iced!
    $10.00 -
  • Morning Brew - 4 oz

    Morning Brew - 4 oz


    A fine Assam tea  grown in India. Rich aroma, clear dark red liquor that is full of body, and a strong malty rounded taste that is a favorite at breakfast time.

    Great with milk.  Nice tea for those moving away from too much coffee.

    A Pause & Sip 10:03 selection

    $11.00 -
  • Pai Mu Tan - 4 oz

    Pai Mu Tan - 4 oz

    82SLU9RLAM |
    Pai Mu Tan, China white tea, clear, pale infusion with a fresh aroma and a smooth 'jammy" flavor with sweet notes and a delicious lingering finish.  Good body and satisfying cup. Drink wthout milk or sugar, after meals as a healthy digestif, or as a light afternoon tea.
    $15.00 -
  • Passion Queen - 2 oz

    Passion Queen - 2 oz

    R2MDK5QCRF |

    Passion Queen is an China Oolong Tea with Marigolds, Rose petals and buds and Passion fruit flavor.  Passion Queen Oolong is light and fresh, the rose and passion fruit flavor adds to the floral taste and aroma. Our Passion Queen tea is created in memory of the Queen of Soul and Mary's visit to the White House, Rose Garden in 1994, where Aretha Franklin and Lou Rawls performed. A special thanks to Lorraine and Cindy for selecting the name, "Passion Queen".

    Oolong tea - brew 4 minutes. Water temp. 175-180 F.  Leaves from Oolong tea can be brewed several times. 

    Take a moment and listen to the Queen of Soul.

    $12.00 -
  • Peach Apricot - 4 oz

    Peach Apricot - 4 oz

    CPKG2D9BVL |
    Black Tea with Peach and Apricot pieces and flavor.  Make a tasty iced tea.
    $11.00 -
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