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  • Heavenly Hibiscus - 4 oz

    Heavenly Hibiscus - 4 oz

    S5EZRJH77J |
    Heavenly Hibiscus, blend of hibiscus, rose-hips, lemongrass, and orange peel. Also nice over ice!
    $11.00 -
  • Holiday Blend 4oz

    Holiday Blend 4oz

    PAKBAH37BT |

    Black Tea with rose petals, orange peel, Apple pieces, almond pieces, cinnamon chips, with cinnamon, orange spice, orange flavor. Brew 3 min. Available October - February.

    $12.00 -
  • HoneyB 4 oz

    HoneyB 4 oz

    LDG686FM54 |
    HoneyB is Rooibos with honeybee pollen, vanilla, caramel, honey flavoring. Rooibos is sometimes called Red Bush or African Tea.  Grown in South African, high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Delicious hot or iced.  Brew 5-7 minutes. Perfect for the cold winter season.
    $11.00 -
  • Irish Breakfast - 4 oz

    Irish Breakfast - 4 oz

    E2KMT1NEKE |
    Irish breakfast is classic blend of rich malty Assam and China blacks. Full-bodied, toasty cup; a little sronger than English Breakfast.  Good on its own, or with milk and/or sugar. Great breakfast tea.
    $11.00 -
  • Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Japanese Sencha - 4 oz

    Sencha, flat, dark green leaves yielding a light fragrant, aromatic cup. Clear sparkling liqor with the typical dedicate Japanese flavor.  Rich in vitamin C. Drink with meals or as a digestif.
    $11.00 -
  • Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    Jasmine Green - 4 oz

    CVWM6B5DP8 |
    China green, sweet full-bodied, and soft-edge with lovely jasmine flavor.
    $11.00 -
  • Lemon Green - 4 oz

    Lemon Green - 4 oz

    TVFP4EF3A8 |
    China Sencha green tea with lemon peel, Marigold petals and lemon flavor.
    $11.00 -
  • Mango - 4 oz

    Mango - 4 oz

    7BHU9LBKG1 |
    Black Tea with mango pieces and flavor.  Great iced!
    $10.00 -
  • Morning Brew - 4 oz

    Morning Brew - 4 oz


    A fine Assam tea  grown in India. Rich aroma, clear dark red liquor that is full of body, and a strong malty rounded taste that is a favorite at breakfast time.

    Great with milk.  Nice tea for those moving away from too much coffee.

    A Pause & Sip 10:03 selection

    $11.00 -
  • Pai Mu Tan - 4 oz

    Pai Mu Tan - 4 oz

    82SLU9RLAM |
    Pai Mu Tan, China white tea, clear, pale infusion with a fresh aroma and a smooth 'jammy" flavor with sweet notes and a delicious lingering finish.  Good body and satisfying cup. Drink wthout milk or sugar, after meals as a healthy digestif, or as a light afternoon tea.
    $15.00 -
  • Peach Apricot - 4 oz

    Peach Apricot - 4 oz

    CPKG2D9BVL |
    Black Tea with Peach and Apricot pieces and flavor.  Make a tasty iced tea.
    $11.00 -
  • Pure Peppermint - 4 oz

    Pure Peppermint - 4 oz

    TXBAL0V4ZY |
    Pure Peppermint herbal, strong int flavor, invigorating with no caffeine.  Great for soothing the tummy.
    $12.00 -
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